Why We Need Your Help

Our beloved state parks are in constant need of vibrant programming, natural and cultural resource protection, exciting visitor experiences, and well maintained amenities so that they can continue to refresh and inspire all Californians for generations to come.

Enhance the Park Experience for Visitors

More than 70 million people each year visit and enjoy the 1.5 million acres of recreational, historic and wilderness lands that make up California’s state parks. We’re thrilled that all these people can spend time away from their everyday lives in the presence of nature and experience the depth and fascination of California history and culture. But with this high level of participation comes the need for maintenance, repairs, and improvements so that we can preserve our parks for generations to come. The huge backlog of deferred maintenance threatens the accessibility and viability of our parks – your support makes it possible to keep the parks operating at a high level of quality.

Opportunities for Nature Lovers, History Buffs,
Hikers, Cyclists, Surfers…

How do you enjoy California’s state parks? With such a vast and rich park system, there are countless ways our state parks enrich our lives. That’s why CSPF devotes much of our efforts to managing, supporting, and funding programs that give people access to these wonderful places. Special programs for youth, students, and families offer life-enhancing opportunities to touch nature or relive early California history firsthand – this experience is made possible by generous supporters like you.

Direct Assistance to Parks

CSPF offers an array of grants through a competitive process to organizations that share our vision and have a plan for celebrating our heritage, welcoming visitors, safeguarding our resources, connecting with people, and more. Your support empowers us to invest in educational programs, repairs at historic sites, habitat protection, and better visitor facilities.