Our Legacy Supporters

California State Parks Foundation is grateful to all our supporters for their generous charitable giving. A legacy gift to CSPF is an opportunity to give a larger gift in the future than you may be able to give today. Learn more about some of our supporters who have chosen to ensure the protection of our state parks.

Gerard and Candace Roney

“There is a real risk that entire generations won’t appreciate or even understand what it means to see a mountain or lake. Our values – including our love of unspoiled places – have to be passed on, and that inheritance has to include the parks themselves.”

Jack & Deyea Harper

“I’ve seen the organization grow and mature,” he says. “The growth in our membership is evidence of the Foundation’s success. That’s why, when Deyea and I were deciding which organizations to designate as beneficiaries of our estate plan, the California State Parks Foundation was a natural choice.”

Carolyn DeVinny

Carolyn’s love of the parks and her commitment to their preservation has deepened during adulthood. Today, she donates her time as a member of the California State Parks Foundation Board of Trustees. She also supports, and walks in almost daily, one of the system’s newest parks, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City. Once a hillside slated for development, the park is now a symbol of restoration, conservation and hope – thanks to committed activists like Carolyn.

Robert Ryon

“Your family should be your first priority, but that doesn’t mean they have to be your only priority,” says Bob. “It’s important to have a commitment to family and to community. If I did have children, I would want to demonstrate my values by setting something aside for the things I believe in. I hope more people will join me in making a lasting commitment to the environment, along with their families.”

Shirley Bogardus

To protect state parks like Mount Tam for future generations, Shirley has included California State Parks Foundation in her will. “I’ve always been impressed with CSPF,” she says. “They have a wonderful scope of knowledge and are developing issues I hadn’t even heard about – and I’ve been at this a long time!”

Mike Bankert

Mike is confident that his investment in CSPF is the right way to achieve his goals. “It’s a very strong organization with a great board of trustees,” he says. “If you want to protect state parks, including California State Parks Foundation in your will or trust makes a statement about your commitment. We will always need CSPF, and it’s important to ensure future funding. Plus, it’s a nice feeling to have your name attached to a legacy that will continue beyond your lifetime.”